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Historically, some characteristics of the EU affairs marketplace have made it a difficult arena for recruiters to access.


This could be due to the perceived preference of employers to recruit via the ‘word of mouth’ approach, not surprising in the village-size EU bubble.

Having discussed the challenging hiring issues experienced in this market, we identified the need for a dedicated service; bringing objectivity, qualified assessment, directly approached candidates and the elimination of potential conflicts of interest.



EARS is the first recruitment firm specialising in International & EU Affairs. We have created a service that offers an executive search approach to recruiting for the roles between entry level and senior executive.

It has been established and anchored in the European quarter of Brussels, at the forefront of European Affairs activity.


Our clients retain our Services and we offer them an unprecedented kind of Commitment.


From the outset of each assignment, we agree with our clients on a Search & Selection strategy which is appropriate to their individual requirements.

As our clients’ retained recruitment service providers, we guarantee that no stone is left unturned in our search and a discrete and confidential approach is applied throughout the hiring process.


All of our clients are engaged with the EU or International Institutions and include the following : 

  • European and National Associations
  • Corporations (Inhouse lobbies)
  • Public Affairs & Project Consultancies
  • Law firms
  • NGOs and Civil Society Organisations
  • Think Tanks & Education Training Providers
  • Intergovernmental Organisations
  • Permanent Representations and Diplomatic Missions
  • Regional Representations



Main Services

Search and selection

Through our Search & Selection process, we identify candidates who not only have the necessary skills and experience to meet your specific needs but who will prove to be an ideal fit for your organisation. The following steps are taken in the process but can be adapted accordingly :

  • Briefing
  • Search
  • Interviews & Assessments
  • Shortlist
  • Completion

Office Setup

For our clients who are wishing to establish a permanent presence in Brussels, we can assist with the identification and supply of the key individuals who will take the challenge to represent you in the European capital for the first time.

Targeted Services

Our in-depth experience and resources allow us to offer our clients a range of additional services, from Interview assistance to reference checking. These additional services can be included as part of the Search & Selection process or offered individually on an ad hoc basis.

Talent Alert

With priviledged access to a broad range of potential talents, EARS is in a position to alert its clients when we encounter a profile that could be an appropriate fit. This match could be made based on skills, experience and personality/character.


To support our interview process, EARS can utilise upon request from its clients a variety of assessments that enable us to further qualify a potential candidate’s suitability. These can include psychometric and/or technical assessments specifically designed for the role in question.





Estimated presence in Brussels : +/- 1500

Associations is the organisation type that one will most frequently encounter in the EU district of Brussels.

According to our estimation, there are approximately 1500 EU Trade Associat...

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montoyer 1


Estimated presence in Brussels : +/- 500

Corporations are private sector companies that have a presence at EU level, either with a dedicated presence in the EU quarter or in their existing Belgian premises.

Largest EU-related t...

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Estimated presence in Brussels : 300  

Brussels is a major location for various consultancy types surrounding the EU Institutions, offering a variety of services : from the regularly encountered Public Affairs/Public Relations to Funding Management and in ...

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Estimated presence in Brussels : +/- 700

Non-Governmental Organisations have a very well-established presence in the capital and form the second most present group of organisations in Brussels.

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Law Firms (EU Law)

Estimated presence in Brussels : +/- 200  

Whilst Brussels is hosting hundreds of Law Firms, EARS only liaises with those that are, either totally or partially, specialist in EU legislation. Most of the time these firms are focused on EU competition matter...

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Estimated presence in Brussels : +/- 100  

Whilst the most common Intergovernmental Organisation in Brussels might be the EU itself, EARS maintains contact with a variety of IOs across a range of areas from Security & Defence and Air Traffic Management...

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Think Tanks

Estimated Presence in Brussels : +/- 150  

Think Tanks have developed different business models over the course of the years in Brussels, from the independents active in Lobbying as a "third voice", to those that are client-oriented and that tend to offer ...

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Estimated presence in Brussels : +/- 160  

Together with Washington, Brussels is one of the most popular locations for diplomatic representation. Within this niche, EARS makes a clear distinction between Foreign Embassies/Missions to the EU and Permanent R...

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regional rep

Regional Offices

Estimated presence in Brussels : +/- 300  

With an ever-increasing presence, Regional Representations have been continuously building their teams around the EU Institutions, to the extent that many of them have surpassed in terms of staff numbers a series ...

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EARS tends not to advertise its clients’ assignments. However, we are always interested in hearing from experienced individuals in the European Affairs arena and invite you to contact us, in confidence for an initial discussion. If you wish to forward your CV please complete the fields below.

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Trampoline WCh Sofia/BUL 2013: JENSEN Peter ANDERSEN Christian/DEN

« Statut Unique »

The new regime for a « statut unique » - What impact for the European presence in Brussels ? On 1st January 2014, the new regime of a « statut unique » which unified the status of employees and workers in Belgium came into force. These two categories will therefore now benefit from the same « treatment », putting our society a…

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CFO asks CEO: « What happens if we invest in recruiting our people & then they leave us? » CEO: ‘What happens if we don’t, and they stay? »   Inspired from a famous quote widespread through Linkedin which initially intended to highlight the importance of personnel development, the adapted quote can only reflect the same concern about investing in people….

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  • For the (identification and) recruitment of a new manager to complete their EHS/REACH team, Eurometaux was very pleased with the support and services provided by EARS in terms of the attention that was paid to the needs of our team, their resilience and careful follow-up.

    • em

      Violaine Verougstraete, EHS Director

  • Eurometaux was very pleased with the services provided by EARS in terms of rigor, timeliness, quality of the candidates proposed and follow-up.

    • em

      Guy Thiran, Director General

  • EARS supported us in finding a senior policy director. The process and handling was excellent. The level of candidates was

    absolutely in line with my expectations. I will go back to EARS should the need arise in the future.

    • logo_lightingeurope

      Diederik de Stoppelaar, Secretary General

  • EARS was able to source candidates with a very niche profile, helping us to successfully staff a senior function at the European Affairs/business intersection.

    • Print

      Diego Pavia, Chief Executive Officer

  • Working with EARS for a top recruitment in our organisation has been a success. They have a sound understanding of the HR needs for these positions and provided us with a highly personalised service, matching our organisation’s culture.

    • Logo European Boating Industry

      Piero Formenti, President

  • EARS helped us recruit a Senior Project Manager with a very specific profile. Their approach was highly adaptable and resourceful and we particularly enjoyed the attention they paid to our unique requirements throughout the whole process.


    • b&s

      Mihaela Dascultu, Deputy Managing Director

  • Despite the fact that the profile we wanted was very hybrid, EARS was instrumental in implementing a new strategic approach that was in contrast to our previous attempts. Since the successful candidate came on board, EARS has never lost contact with either party.

    • 1614

      Imelda Vital, Corporate Affairs Area Manager

  • EARS was a very efficient provider, in particular in respect of the very short timing we had to ask them to work with.

    • caobisco logo

      Sabine Nafziger, Secretary General



When applying for a job in European Affairs, experienced professionals, just as much as fresh graduates are often left without any meaningful guidance which could prepare them to face the seemingly complex recruitment process. Our expert coaching service will equip you to tackle the following challenges :


  • The production of a high-quality CV
  • The optimisation of your job search

We assist you in these areas so that you can create your own luck !



I am interested in EARS coaching services

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Where to find us

EARS Office

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